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Throwback in Time

Fire Chief Robert Ricks (Left) and Captain Bob Morgan (Right) operating in the late 70s Chief Ricks served as the Fire Chief from 1955 until 1982. Chief Ricks served as the secretary for years before he became fire chief. “Ricksy” also implemented a 2nd Asst. Chief position in the same year he took office. He will always be remembered for his strong leadership in the command role.

Chief Bob Morgan later became an Assistant Chief and served for a few years under Chief Ricks and Chief Joseph “Buzz” Griffin. Bob Morgan was the companies first Fire Captain: established in the By-Laws in 1977. Prior the title was Foreman, which he held for many years before. He also was the President from 1974 to 1982. His family still serves in Brookhaven Fire Company today: President Jon Grant, EMS Treasurer Willie Grant, and Fire Lieutenant Matt Copple.