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Here's How Can You Support the BVFC

Your Generous Support is Greatly Appreciated

The officers and members of the Brookhaven Fire Company appreciate your financial support.  Without your donations we would not be able to provide the world-class service you have come to expect.

There are many ways you can assist us in increasing our financial security and we ask that you consider one, or all, of our support offerings.

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2019 Ambulance Fund Drive

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

If you are receiving this letter, you are in the first due response area for Brookhaven EMS. In the event that you have a medical emergency, Brookhaven EMS will respond and provide medical assistance and transportation to the hospital. In order to maintain the highest level of service, we ask for a donation to offset our daily operating expenses from the residents of Brookhaven.

For those who have donated in the past we thank you and ask for your continued support. The donations received are used to buy supplies, purchase lifesaving equipment, vehicle maintenance and cover the cost of staffing and training. Now more than ever, we need your support with the annual EMS Fund Drive. The money is needed to cover the additional surcharges with the fuel increase.

Why should you donate?

There are many reasons why you should support the annual ambulance donation drive. First and foremost, your donation is used to offset the costs associated with the EMS services. Additionally, if you make a donation and require emergency transportation to the hospital we will bill your insurance company. Most insurance companies will pay 60% of the bill and the remaining 40% is your obligation.

For example, if you are billed $1000.00 for the transport, 60% or $600.00 would be paid by your insurance company and the remaining $400.00 would be your responsibility. However, if you donated to our annual ambulance drive prior to the date of service, you will not be required to pay any out of pocket expenses. Besides the substantial savings to you, a donation is a direct investment in the community that we live in and it is also tax-deductible.

Please help us help you!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Online Donations for the Ambulance Fund Drive Coming Soon!

See Other Ways How You Can Support BVFC