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Chris Kangas – Assistance Urgently Needed

July 26 – Many of you have been asking what you can do to help with the Chris Kangas case. Here is what you can do to have an immediate and substantial impact. The board at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial will be discussing Chris on the 28th of July. We strongly urge all Firefighters to individually telephone Art Glatfelter (a member of the Board at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial) and express your support for Chris’s name being included on the Memorial at the next ceremonies. Please remember that could quite possibly be a deciding factor in this proceeding.

Mr. Glatfelter’s number is 301-447-1365, even if you only reach a secretary, please leave a message indicating your support. We thank you in advance for your support. Remember, the more people who call this office the more powerful the message that will be sent.

Even if you call after the 28th it will still help as we do not know exactly when a final decision will be made. We still have not received word from the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial on the meeting that occurred on the 28th. Please continue to call them to express your support.

Thank You,
The Officers and Members of Brookhaven Fire Company